Bathing in the Dead Sea is no longer a distant dream.

DEAD SEA POOL makes pools that simulate bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea.

A Benessale product

Benessale and DEAD SEA POOL produce baths which simulate bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea, in various materials and colours which can be personalised and adapted to the environment they are placed in. They are designed for use in Spas, health clubs but also for use outside or in the home as they can heat the water and can be covered to avoid of steam and heat dispersion.
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What is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea has been known forever for its particular properties and it has been called “the largest health spa in the world”. People travel from all over the world to...
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No added chemicals

IN OUR POOLS NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES ARE USED FOR DISINFECTION. The patented DEAD SEA POOL system does not use methods that alter the chemical composition of the Dead Sea. First of all, bacteria and fungi which can reproduce in water cannot normally urvive the high salt concentrations of over 30% and they die in a short time (in fact the Dead Sea is named so because its water has such a high salt...
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